Cake Painting Class/Layered Textured & Impasto Techniques. February 14 & 21, 1-6 PM EST


Let us paint cake!


You do not need to have a sweet tooth to join in on the fun here. In fact, cake painting is one of the only times that I find myself pushing up the shopping trolley beside the always abandoned (and hard to summon anyone at that) glass cake display of my local supermarket. As I eye the colorful, layered confections, my mind begins a running tally of paints and thickening mediums that I will need to put on my palette for the project! 


This class will be held online, on Zoom over 2 consecutive weeks. This will be in order to let the think paint layers dry and give you time to work on your art projects. 


This class was inspired by several reasons. One, my enduring love of painting pastries and seeing them in art. Two, celebrating the life and work of Wayne Thiebaud, as pictured above in my selfie. Haven’t you always wanted to paint so lusciously? And three, a good student of mine who wanted WEEKDAY classes, and perhaps recurring one so as to afford more time in between paint payers for drying. So, I agreed! I hope you can join me in these new adventures. 


Each Monday Teresa will begin with a three-hour painting demonstration, filly narrated and live. Afterwards she will offer more direct critiques and "hand on" screen instruction for students as they work on their own creations. It is highly recommended that you paint from life for this one, arranging your own cake and or pastry still life. 


Thickening or Impasto mediums will be discussed and made in front of you with simple ingredients that Teresa will show you where to purchase. Palette knife work, paint layring, painting composition and various white's such as lead and titanium will be discussed at length and used. 


Supply List-


You will need to create a few Zoom account if you do not already have one, in order to log in and participate in this class. 


A full Zoom recording of both sessions will be made available to you as well, so that you can go back, pause, listen and re-watch everything. 

Cake Painting Class/Layered Textured & Impasto Techniques. February 14 & 21

  • To register you must pay in full.  Four days before from the start date you may cancel, a $30 cancellation fee will be kept.  Afterwards there are no refunds for this class.

  • Ultramarine Blue Green Shade (or any ultramarine blue from Old Holland or Michael Harding of another brand of your choice) 

    Chromium Oxide Green 

    Lemon Ochre (or any Yellow Ochre)

    Chrome Yellow Primrose (or a cadmium Lemon Yellow) 

    Lead Tin Yellow Dark (not necessary, just my favorite) 

    Orange Molybdate (very nice orange, but cadmium orange can be substituted) 

    Pozzuoli Red (a fancy name for red iron oxide pigments. Try looking for Venetian Red or English Red too) 

    Rose Madder (or Alizarin Crimson, our Permanent Rose)

    Cypress Umber Raw Dark (or a raw Umber)

    Lead White #1 (or Titaniun white, Flake White Replacement) 

    Bone Black (“Ivory Black” No one makes paint from real Ivory anymore, its just a fanciful name)

    Vermillion (discontinued. Try Cadmium Red instead)

    Cobalt Chromite Blue

    French Sienna


    Mediums- Oleogel 

    Italian Varnish

    • Impasto Putty


    • Canvas Support- One 16x20" or larger primed stretched canvas or panel