Online Zoom Class, August 14-15.  11-5 pm each day. Washington D.C. Time/USA E.S.T


Space limited*


The charm of ink drawing lies in both its simplicity and its unforgiving nature.  Come delve into the pyschology of the drafstman, the linework, and the strategy towards "letting go" and giving your hand the permission to execute what the brain wants without any fumbling.  Here we leave behind the eraser and the pencil, and seek to explore what it means to draw indelibly.


In this two day workshop Teresa will talk about and demonstrate her approach to drawing the human portrait in ink. A limited supply list will be used, the list and more instructions will become available after registration.  Simple paper and a ballpoint pen will mostly do the trick.  You likely will already have all the materials at home already.  However if you would like to explore further with inks and line widths, I will be encouraging you to try a variety of dip pens and inks.  Tools I will be demonstrating with will be glass pens, metal quill pens and bamboo.  A variety of ink types will also be covered.  


Requirements- Some kind of computer, laptop, tablet or any other device on which you can access the internet. A digital camera (smart phone will also do). Class will he held on, which you will need to register on first (it's free).  Before class begins you will be emailed with an invitation link and password that you will need to join.  It is also necessary to have speakers and a webcam on your device, as the lessons will be live and spoken word will be the main vehicle of communication.  Video demonstrations and some text will also be included, and you will have the option to type in questions a well as speak.  Class will be held in "real time", live, with Teresa presenting to a live audience of students who may take turns asking questions and speaking.  A class monitor will also be present to help with the running of things.  Supply lists and more detailed instructions will be emailed out after you complete your registration.


Class Schedule-


Saturday August 14- 11AM-5PM (Meet in the Zoom classroom)

Class will begin with an orientation and several ink drawing demonstrations.  Art supplies will be discussed, process delved into, as well aa a talk on ink drawing throughout art history and what it means to the contemporary artist and how we can integrate it into our current studio practice.  Whether we be painters or sculptors (or indeed anything else).


1:00-2:30 Lunch Hour and Drawing- (The Zoom classroom will remain open)

This is your chance to take a break and get some lunch.  You are also encouraged to begin on your own ink drawing.  

2:30-5:00- More instruction.  Before class ends you will be given an assignment.  You will have until the next morning to complete 1 or several ink drawings that will be critiqued live the next day.  These should be photographed and emailed to the instructor, your drawings may remain "anonymous" during the live critique if you wish.


Sunday August 15- 11:00-5:00- Live critiques of student work and more instruction.  

1:00-2:30- Lunch 

2:15- 5:00-Instruction

Drawing The Portrait with Ink, August 14-15, 2021

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  • 1. A sketchbook or lose drawing paper of around 300 GSM weight (smooth is preferable but handmade or textured is fine too. The thickness of the paper is necessary to prevent the ink from bleeding through or disfiguring the paper.


    2. A dip pen. These can be bought for very cheap, Speedball is a company that makes a very affordable drawing set.


    Or if you are like me you can go for something more fancy, or just more... I like to collect a variety of tips and shapes of pen nibs. This helps me to vary my ink line weight and line thicknesses. That being said however, I typically use no more than 2 nibs per drawing, so that is all you really need.


    3. A good drawing ink. Preferebly black, as color can add another element of difficulty. I am partial to this series of Japanse inks, they are seem to come in a nice range of muted colors suitable for writing and drawing in. I have only three shades so far including a black and a blue, which is what I used to draw the portrait above-


    And so those are all the art supplies that you really need! I look forward to seeing you in class and drawing with you. We will have so much to talk about!

  • To register you must pay in full.  Four days before from the start date of class you may cancel, a $30 cancellation fee will be kept.  Afterwards there are no refunds for the class.