June 5, 2022. 12-5 pm (Washington DC Time, United States EST)


In this class we will go into depth about oil paint binder mediums which will include various linseed and walnut oils.  Teresa's large choice of pigments will be discussed, then narrowed down in terms of the ones which will actually be demonstrated in a paint mulling demonstration.  We will go through about 12 different colors this way and discuss how the various native properties of the pigments can be amended and customized to each individual artists likeing, technique and application.  


Topics covered-


  • The basics of paint making- glass, muller, raw pigment, oil selection, tubing and storage.
  • safe handling and clean-up
  • Linseed oil, Walnut oil, Bodied Oils 
  • How to go about sourcing pigments 
  • Pigment Selection of natural and synthetic earths, inorganic colors, handling of toxic colors, safer alterntives
  • Why make paint at all?
  • How paint consistency affects application- when and where and why you might use paint consistency effectively
  • Teresa's favorite colors and current obsessions
  • Opacity vs.  Translucency 
  • Knowing how paint is made will help your understanding of painting better, even if you never choose to do it.  You will become an informed shopper and consumer of art materials.  
  • Bonus- Flesh tone mixing- how earth and lead colors give us practically everyting we need.



Since this will be only a one day online class it will not be required hands on for students.  However if you would like to particpate in the paint making during class or do a possible follow up event, you might pursue aquiring or adding some materials to your current supply cabinet.  


Making Your Own Oil Paint- June 5, 2022

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