November 28, 12-6 PM EST


Learn to paint small creatures in oil paints. In this one day workshop, I will teach you to design a composition, lay in your lights and darks in an earth color wash, block in and render. Rendering techniques will include glazing, impasto, dry brushing, and other forms of retouching dry layers. 


I will be demonstrating these techniques on several different canvases, all in various stages of progress so that you can follow along with each step.


Students may create work and receive critiques in the second part of the class (last three hours after the 1 hour lunch break). In addition, they will receive a final critique at thier time of choice after they have let thier painting from class dry and applied a final layer. You may email you work in at any time post class for a final critique. 


This session will be recorded and made availabe to students on a private page on my website, along with othr resources related to the topic of this class.


  • Supply List

    Ultramarine Blue Green Shade (or any ultramarine blue from Old Holland or Michael Harding of another brand of your choice) 

    Chromium Oxide Green 

    Lemon Ochre (or any Yellow Ochre)

    Chrome Yellow Primrose (or a cadmium Lemon Yellow) 

    Lead Tin Yellow Dark (not necessary, just my favorite) 

    Orange Molybdate (very nice orange, but cadmium orange can be substituted) 

    Pozzuoli Red (a fancy name for red iron oxide pigments. Try looking for Venetian Red or English Red too) 

    Rose Madder (or Alizarin Crimson, our Permanent Rose)

    Cypress Umber Raw Dark (or a raw Umber)

    Lead White #1 (or Titaniun white, Flake White Replacement) 

    Bone Black (“Ivory Black” No one makes paint from real Ivory anymore, its just a fanciful name)

    Vermillion (discontinued. Try Cadmium Red instead)

    Cobalt Chromite Blue

    French Sienna


    Mediums- Oleogel 

    Expoxide Oil (discontinued. Try Stand Oil or Sun Thickened oil instead) 


    Canvas Support- One 16x20" primed stretched canvas or panel (

Painting Small Creatures, November 28, 12-6 PM EST, 2021. 12-6 PM, EST