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Saturday, July 26- The Geranium. 1-6 pm EST


Students will spend all day learning to create and execute a fresh Geranium blossom painting. 


In this series of live online lessons, we will be delving into the mystery of painting flowers. Each separate lesson will be dedicated to the study, lay in and finish of a single flower. Students will watch a fully narrrated, live oil painting demonstration from Teresa, while also being able to ask questions. Reference photos will be provided, though it is also reccommended to get your own real flowers to paint from life from. You will receive personalised critiques on your classwork too as part of this class.


Each Lesson will be recorded and available to rewatch later for students who have signed up.

Painting The Geranium, July 16

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  • To register you must pay in full.  Four days before from the start date you may cancel, a $30 cancellation fee will be kept.  Afterwards there are no refunds for this class.

  • *These are the colors I use. Feel free to subsitute with your own palette

    Ultramarine Blue Green Shade

    Chromium Oxide Green 

    Lemon Ochre (or any Yellow Ochre)

    Chrome Yellow Primrose (or a cadmium Lemon Yellow) 

    Lead Tin Yellow Dark (not necessary, just my favorite) 

    Orange Molybdate (very nice orange, but cadmium orange can be substituted) 

    Pozzuoli Red (a fancy name for red iron oxide pigments. Try looking for Venetian Red or English Red too) 

    Rose Madder (or Alizarin Crimson, our Permanent Rose)

    Cypress Umber Raw Dark (or a raw Umber)

    Lead White #1 (or Titaniun white, Flake White Replacement) 

    Bone Black (“Ivory Black” No one makes paint from real Ivory anymore, its just a fanciful name)

    Vermillion (discontinued. Try Cadmium Red instead)

    Cobalt Chromite Blue

    French Sienna


    Mediums- Oleogel-

    Italian Varnish-


    Canvas Support- One 16x20" primed stretched canvas or panel )

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