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Welcome to the House of Oaxaca

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my new website. For years drawing and design have fascinated me. I adore everyday intricate surfaces found in the house, kitchen, closet and public sphere. Things that can be of precious detail and yet can be multiplied. In this way a cherished object or design may be shared and gifted to others, creating a story that travels along with it. In my all-the-time profession I am a fine artist, a painter of oil paintings and one of a kind original objects of art. But I have always drawn and imagined things. These drawings were also sold as one of a kinds, but now I have found a way of sharing my art on fabric which really intrigues me.

What to expect from this point on? I shall be continuing to add active wear in the form of leggings and perhaps tops in the future to this site. In the meanwhile I intend to design a series to collectible silk scarves which will deal with nature, philosophy, and art history all on silk. These scarves will be meant as conversation pieces, additions to any wardrobe, gifts, and collectibles. I intend to release them with some regularity as I begin to get a firmer grasp on the medium.

Thank you for following, and I look forward to growing with you in the future.

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