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Ballpoint Pen Line Drawing Class- July 11-12


I am very excited to be sharing with you my supply list for my second workshop "The Unerring Hand". Although the supplies are simple, it's all in the way you wield the tools. A class like this can expose your unsought weaknesses and bring others strengths out to the light. This 2-day workshop follows on the heels of my June drawing class of the same nature. We had a full class and a very productive and fruitful time, with lovely discussions on the nature of art and link drawing. If you are still interested in retaking this class or signing up for the first time, then I suggest you do as this will be my last drawing workshop for some time to come, as I will be transitioning to teaching oil painting from my studio virtually.

Sign up-

The charm of ink drawing lies in both its simplicity and its unforgiving nature. Come delve into the pyschology of the draftsman, the linework, and the strategy towards "letting go" and giving your hand the permission to execute what the brain wants without any fumbling. Here we leave behind the eraser and the pencil, and seek to explore what it means to draw indelibly.

In this two day workshop Teresa will talk about and demonstrate her approach to drawing the human portrait in ink. A limited supply list will be used, the list and more instructions will become available after registration. Simple paper and a ballpoint pen will mostly do the trick. You likely will already have all the materials at home already.

Supply list-

165 g/m (or higher) white or off-white paper. I personally I have been working out of Moleskine Art Notebooks. g/m refers to a paper's weight or thickness. Typical office paper has 80 g/m. I suggest you use something higher than this to draw on as low g/m tears easily and will become waterlogged when in contact with watercolor applications. A smooth paper is also preferable.

A ballpoint pen. Any kind will do, why not pick up a few that you have around the place. I use three different kinds since they all have a slightly wider or narrower ball width and give different lines.

Optional- Some watercolors and a small paint brush. I am providing a link to my optional supply list- if you chose to purchase paint and brushes from Natural Pigments then I suggest you choose one paintbrush and 1-2 watercolors. They come in pan form, these are dry and can be used directly. The tubes versions are still wet and will need some sort of dish or palette to be squeezed out onto. If you already have these things then there is no need to buy more, unless of course you want to.


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